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Jury DMR 2023


Chief Operating Officer at PayPo, the fintech established in 2016, operating in the deferred payments industry in Poland.

For 14 years, he has been gaining and developing his professional experience, cooperating with well-known brands from the e-commerce world. At the beginning of his career, he worked in the R&D departments of one of the largest marketplaces in Poland. As the e-commerce director, he has been responsible for the activities of the sales department at one of the largest social networks in Poland; as operational director and member of the board, he was responsible for building one of the leading e-commerce logistics automation services.

From March 2021, as the Chief Operation Officer at PayPo, he is primarily responsible for R&D and marketing activities, while supervising the work of customer service, maintenance, and e-commerce integration departments.

As a highly goal-oriented manager, he presents strong analytical skills, that allow him to precisely plan and predict results achieved by various teams. In his role, he seeks non-standard solutions, setting ambitious goals for himself and his colleagues.

He studied at leading universities in Poland, obtaining diplomas at the Warsaw University of Technology, the University of Warsaw, and the Warsaw School of Economics, as well as at the University of Economy. He graduated with bachelor’s and engineering studies in computer science and econometrics, as well as post-graduate studies in IT project management, AI, and Business Intelligence.

Privately, he likes to play sports and is interested in the automotive industry. In his spare time he looks for emotions on racing tracks. He reads a lot of business books and likes to solve logical brain puzzles.

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